Ana Rodríguez

About Ana Rodríguez is the founder of TICN Spain and Latin America, with teams and clubs in Spain, Poland, Germany, Sweden, UK, Ireland, South America, etc.

For 20 years, Ana worked as a Chemist and left her scientific career in pursue of balance between money and time, as she understood that, as an employee, no matter how high up the ladder, she would not be able to be the owner of her time.

She got to meet with Owen in October 2012, at the National Achiever’s Conference in London and there she found the missing link, i.e., the owners of the big fortunes in the world are all in the stock market.

She started working with Owen and learned from him how to generate a monthly income from the stock market by using a small amount of time, thus freeing her to do fulfilling things, such as: family, writing, personal development, photography, travelling and teaching.

This teaching refers to educating students in the application of the TICN 4 Step System in the stock market and also about the psychology behind wealth.