Slawek Muturi

About Slawek Muturi – ex management consulting partner with Andersen Business Consulting and Deloitte.

Parallel to pursuing his professional career, Slawek was also investing in residential rental properties. This allowed him to achieve financial freedom and he retired in May 2009 at age 44.

Since then he has pursued his new life mission – to hep others achieve financial freedom. Slawek realizes his mission in a variety of ways:

(1) he shares his knowledge and expertise by writing books, keeping a blog, making presentations all around Poland but also in Europe, Asia, Americas, Australia.

(2) he has taken it upon himself to civilize the Polish residential rental market (set up a landlords’ association, writes guides for landlords, introduces new market standards and practices),

(3) set up the first Polish residential property management company (Mzuri now manages over 3000 properties in over two dozens Polish cities).

(4) created Mzuri Investments which assists investors in finding and buying below-market-value properties (helped in buying over 800 such properties) and

(5) created Mzuri CFI- a platform for group investing in residential real estate using the crowd fund investing model

(6) special investment vehicles have raised over PLN 20 million so far).

Slawek is also an avid traveller – has visited every country in the world (with no exceptions).

Every year he learns a new language (can speak 12 already) and spends every winter in the tropics. Every year he does a different summer job (last summer he spent selling flowers in a Warsaw flower shop.