ROADSHOW POLSKA has over 14 years experience in organizing prestigeous conferences. Our events were a big success not only in Poland but internationally: in Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Portugal and India. More than 5000 participants, 400 speakers and 200 institutional and media partners took part in events organized by ROADSHOW  >>> for more information>>>
Moreover as we strongly believe that the aspect of self-development and motivation to both individuals and people active in business, how deeply it influences our thinking, actions and achievements we decided in 2014 not only to organize dedicated events but also to strongly promote such events.

MZURI  is the largest company in Poland, which manages rentals of residential
properties, while being the only company that combines comprehensive investment services with rental management in Poland.

MZURI Manages Ca. 3000 rental apartments and houses in over 25 cities* in Poland. For more information click on

TICN  (The Investment Club Network) Ltd initiates, teaches, supports and ultimately empowers its members to become successful investors, traders and wealth creators as a result of participating in the global equity markets.

TICN initiates its members by forming localised offline as well as virtual online investment clubs. TICN teaches its members by organising and delivering a series of participatory offline and online educational modules. TICN supports its members via offline club meetings as well as facilitating online support sessions. TICN then empowers its members to become successful investors, traders and wealth creators by monitoring and measuring performance and then sharing the best practice of its most successful clubs and individuals with all of its members.

TICN has created, designed and implemented a CRM system that manages, monitors and supports its members by dividing the 7 billion global population into 7 Global zones: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, South America and North America.