November 2017 Agenda

5pm to 5:05pm Ricky Introduces the wealth concept

5:05 to 5:35pm 1a) Wealth – Equities and Options – Owen O’Malley

5:35pm to 6:05pm 1b) Wealth – Property – Slawek

6:05pm to 6.10pm – Stretch Break

Eva introduces Health concepts / health speaker – Emilia Zegota

6.10pm to 6:30 pm Our health & diet in the aspect of the cronic conditions (the deseases of our civilization)

6.30pm to 6:50pm Eva Aboo introduces Miki to talk about healthy lifestyle and running

6.50pm to 7.00 pm Stretch Break

7.00pm to 7.15pm Ana Rodriguez – What Colour are you? iMA system

7:15pm to 7:30pm – Ana – 5 Languages of Love – What is your primary language of love?

7:30 – 7:50pm – Last Q&A lead by Artur

7:50pm to 8pm Close the WHY EVENT by Ricky Aboo