Dorina Vass

Dorina Vass A Hungarian girl now living in Ireland, who once promised herself that she will become her own boss by the time she turns 30. So she did! But instead of running a successful business from the beginning, she made every mistake possible, leading to debt and eventually hitting rock bottom.

Now after 4 years of intensive learning and testing, she aspires to help her students to start their own business the correct way. To succeed without failing, to create profit instead of debt, all by Using her business mistakes to inspire YOUR success

You will learn how to:

1. How to start your dream business that doesn’t turn into a nightmare.
2. Find your unique selling point
3Identifying your target audience
4. Brand your business and the use of Social Media
5. Up-sell and down-sell. 

Why f*ck up your business when you could succeed?

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