We are excited to invite you to the launch of your very first Polish

Why Event on:

Mon 27th Nov  5pm to 8pm at:

Iguana/Blue Cactus Restaurant

11 Zajączkowska, 00-785 Warsaw

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Come join us at our first ever WHY (Wealth, Health and You) event in Poland! At the event, both Owen O’Malley and Slawek Muturi will enlighten us on how to attain true financial freedom giving examples and tools of how and where to invest.

The event will be finished off with an inspiring presentation from Mikolaj Kowalski-Barysznikow “Miki”, an ultra trail runner, who decided to leave the corporate life to pursue his passion in running.

We will also be sharing some powerful health and well being tips on the evening.

This is a not for profit event as the ticket price only covers the cost of the venue and snacks.

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