Why should I attend this event?

  • To learn how to create more income and wealth
  • To take your business to the next level  
  • To become a better version of yourself 
  • To learn how the mind can heal the body

And many more reason’s Why that will be discovered at the Why Event!




Sunday 19th May 2019

2pm to 7pm @

Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge 

Merrion Road, Ballsbridge

Dublin 4, DO4 P3C3

For a limited time tickets are €49.97 per ticket

Original ticket price €69.97 Per Ticket, Snacks and refreshments provided

We will be joined by 7 inspirational speakers who will be sharing their powerful stories and offering you the answers to all the WHY questions. Join us to unlock the power within.

“If you truly want to change your life, you must first be willing to change your mind” 

Choose the Why Event to help you on the path to your Why Experience.

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Discounted room rates available when booking direct with the venue  Parking available at the venue at a €8 charge.

We reserve the right to change the event time and location without offering a refund